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Brief Introduction:

Vehicle Exports (UK) Ltd is one of the most sought after companies as far as procuring and exporting pre-owned vehicles in the UK is concerned. Having our base in the capital city, London, we have contacts all over the world and have established regional offices in three countries. Six years of exemplary customer service has brought us this level of reliability. The main concentration of our service lies in sourcing the most reasonably priced cars for our customers and exporting them to countries of your choice. We undertake to complete every formality required for this purpose and ensure that the customer receives the vehicle in exemplary condition.

Area of prime operation:

Though we undertake to export to various countries, our prime areas of operation are Africa, Asia and the Caribbean countries. We also cater to customers from the southern continent of Australia as well as New Zealand.

We source the vehicles from all over the UK. When we say vehicles, we mean all sorts of vehicles ranging from sports cars to luxury vehicles. We even undertake to export heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, tractors and trailers.

In addition to vehicles, we also undertake to provide original vehicle spare parts and accessories. We also have an option of styling up your vehicle so as to give it a high-quality look.

From where do we procure these vehicles?

We have a huge database from where we are able to procure these vehicles for you. We have access to all the top dealers of vehicles in the UK. We also have access to car auctions and undertake to procure the cars from such auctions and ship it to your destination.

How do you get your vehicle?

This is a very simple process for you. We shall explain the same to you in the following steps.

The beauty of importing a car from the UK through Vehicle Exports UK is that you can purchase the vehicle without actually seeing it. We have a huge stock of vehicles with us that would enable you to make a good choice. In case you do not find the vehicle of your choice, we undertake to procure it for you directly from our large database of dealers in the UK. You can do this by sitting at your home.

You can do this in the comfort of your home:

  1. Search for your choice using the car model and narrow down the search by indicating the year of manufacture.
  2. Once you select a desirable car, make an enquiry to reserved it usually after negotiating the price.
  3. We will then send you a proforma invoice quoting the amount, the make and model of the vehicle as well as the details of our Bank account where you have to remit the money.
  4. In order to place your order, you have to make the payment to our account as provided in the proforma invoice.
  5. It will be convenient for us if you are able to transmit the TT advice to us by email.
  6. On confirmation of the receipt of the funds, we undertake to get the vessel packed for you and despatch the same to your destination.
  7. The original documents will be sent to your registered address, which you will use to claim your vehicle from the destination port.
Quality control aspect:

This is our speciality! We undertake to conduct rigorous checks and ensure that the vehicle passes all the quality checks stipulated by the UK Government.


We have a unique feature on our website that enables you to compare different vehicles before you make a choice. Thus, you can ensure that your hard-earned money does not go waste. Our site is reputed for its reliability, therefore, you are rest assured we will provide you with the most reliable information.

A one-stop location:

We are a one stop location for pre-owned as well as new cars. We take care of every detail from procuring, inspecting, quality control as well completing statutory formalities for export. You need not fret over any issue as you will get your vehicle at your doorstep hasslefree.



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  • Nic| 10th September 2014 at 7:45 pm

    I recently bought my Nissan Navara double cab Aventura. It has been a dream, and by far my favorite car. Anthony provides outstanding and timely service . He’s caught me off guard a couple times as I had settled back to wait for a response in a few days or weeks, and he replied within an hour! Thanks to Anthony, my car was at the port of Mombasa in 26 days, because he answered all my questions promptly

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