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Why You Should Trust Our Team

Why You Should Trust Our Team

Car shopping is an exciting time, but if you fear the mythical car salesperson, you might have your doubts about finding auto love on the lot.
Time and time again, we’ve been conditioned to have our guard up when it comes to making a deal, and this couldn’t be truer when shopping for a new car.Thanks to popular culture, we’ve seen how salespersons are illustrated at car dealerships–annoying, pesky, loud, nosy, and ready to lie for the sake of a good deal.
At UK Vehicle Exports, we’re proud to say that this notion couldn’t be further than the truth. Our team consists of the friendliest, most honest people you’ll meet, and they couldn’t be happier to help you with your automotive needs. The UK Vehicle Exports team aren’t here to scare you off, but rather, assist you with a wealth of product knowledge that will help you find the vehicle you love.
Here’s why you shouldn’t shy away from car salespeople:

There’s No Money in Lying
Many new car shoppers firmly believe that salespeople were put in the dealership to haggle their way into a bigger profit. This couldn’t be more wrong. Car sales are built on customer relationships, so if that relationship is dishonest, business crumbles. The best and most profitable business model in any automotive dealership is a strong customer relationship, because if you love what we’re doing, you’re more likely to give us referrals.Our team is here to help with all matters, big and small. At the end of the day, we’re looking out for you.

You Aren’t Our Competition
The prices on our used vehicle inventory weren’t put there for you. Of course, we love to offer low deals and unbeatable prices but we are only able to do so because of a healthy competition with fellow dealerships in the area. Salespersons compete directly with fellow salespersons from other businesses–not their own team, or clients.

Writing Doesn’t Lie
Once your contract goes into writing, that’s it. Our excellent team of Finance Managers are able to offer better than bank rates when it comes to affordable finanacing, and they’ll be sure to walk you through every important detail. Anything that goes on paper, you get a copy, so that you’re always on the same page. If you’re not sure of what a particular term or agreement means, we’re here to help you understand.

Cars Tell All
Forget everything you’ve ever heard about lying car salespersons showing off used cars. In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to lie about a car. For starters, every single vehicle that comes into our dealership is meticulously inspected. If it’s not safe or satisfactory to drive, we won’t list it on the lot. Second, all used vehicles for sale come with a Carproof report, which outlines every little detail on your vehicle’s past. From small repairs to major breakdowns, ownership history, and even legal status, you get access to all of this information, so there’s absolutely no surprises on the road.

Integrity is Key
Car salespersons know that their business is stereotyped by many. And, just like anybody working against the odds, they work harder than ever to debunk the myths surrounding their jobs. The staff here at UK Vehicle Exports represent six divisions, and every person in the company is armed with the tools of the trade to help you out.
Looking for a reliable vehicle? You’ve come to the right place.We’re happy to help.

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