UK Vehicle Exporters' Services

  • Pre-shipment customs
  • Sourcing & Supplying
  • Clearing & Forwarding
  • Pre-Export Inspection
  • Guidance and Advice
  • Vehicle Parts / Accessories
  • Car Upgrade & Styling
  • Shipping and Freight

Why Choose UK Vehicle Exports?

Tax-Free VAT Qualifying Exports

UK Vehicle Exports specialise in the selection and export of Brand New or Used vehicles that are eligible for VAT refunds / deduction, provided that they are being exported outside of the EU. We have access to a large range of used VAT qualifying and brand new tax-free vehicles, so if you are looking for a trusted service for exporting cars from the UK to your country, we’re here to assist. We ship to Singapore, Hong Kong, Trinidad and Tobago and many other countries.

Source-A-Vehicle for me

With a robust selection of popular vehicles on hand, as well as leading vehicles from ALL manufacturers, we’re able to assist International Clients, because it can be difficult to negotiate, purchase, and ship a vehicle that is located in the UK, from overseas. UK Vehicle Exports offers you a solution that will give you peace of mind as well as convenience, and helps you avoid criminals who sell fake cars on popular car websites.

Full Export Service

In addition to sourcing, locating, purchasing and transporting cars, we also prepare all documentation needed at the Port on your behalf and arrange for inspections in order to comply with your local import regulations. We also offer guidance throughout the process and are able to assist with clearing of your motor vehicles or machinery from the port right to your doorstep. We arrange the shipping of your vehicles or machinery to the port of your choice by Sea or Air shipping through the UK Ports of Southampton, Sheerness, Tilbury, Felixstowe and Liverpool Southampton, Immingham, Grangemouth, Harwich, Thamesport, & Hull.

International Vehicle Shipping

We specialise in shipping household goods and vehicles (cars, trucks, tractors, buses, motorbikes, etc) to All countries from the UK (by RoRo or Container), and can guarantee the best shipping prices. We offer our UK-Based either shipping only, where you deliver your vehicle or goods to one of the UK ports of departure, or an all-inclusive shipping service where we collect your vehicle or goods from any UK address and ship them to your desired country. We offer our  international clients, we can either source and supply new or used vehicles from the UK and export them directly to, or if you have identified or secured your own car in the UK we can buy the vehicle on your behalf and ship it to you.