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To provide the best service to our clients all over the world and be the go to company for all your automobile needs from the uk. To continuously provide better service to our customers all around the world, and pursue customer satisfaction with constant efforts and passion in used automobile industry.

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We are recognized by the government and don’t pay VAT on our purchases as they are for export. We are thus able to confer our customers these cost savings in terms of better prices!
We also deal with the leading auto shipping company ensuring that your car gets to your port in the same condition it left the dealership in the UK.

Great Variety


Bespoke vehicle searches find your perfect car. We make sure that you enjoy outstanding customer service, and you save time and effort as there’s no need to travel round showrooms wasting hours haggling just to achieve a worse price.You’ll always have peace of mind that you’re buying from an excellent and reputable company as we take care of all the details with our highly professional import service.

Results Driven

Lowest prices, low mileage and highest quality used cars.

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Fastest shipping with time-to-time shipment status notification

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Easy for first time buyers with the quickest response to your emails and Free quotations.

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Well developed network of reliable partners in the automotive industry to ensure excellent and Reliable Supply Chain Network


We source and supply the best quality vehicles from the UK and then ship to destination ports in Africa, Asia the Caribbean as well as Australia & New Zealand.  We offer a wide range of cars from classic sports cars to luxury vehicles and everything in between from SUV’s, hatchbacks, vans, trucks, quads, tippers, tractor and trailer units. Furthermore we can supply all kinds of motor vehicle spare parts and accessories to turn your car into the top range car that you desire.
We have access to a wide network of sources including the largest UK car auctions, independent and franchise dealers as well as direct private individuals across UK. The cars then go through rigorous checks and are re-inspected before they can be considered for export to the global market
Vehicle Exports gives you the best experience throughout the entire car buying process, guiding you seamlessly from research to purchase. Ultimately you end up with the right car at an amazing price.
We have recently added to the website functionality e.g you can easily compare the vehicles you are interested with by clicking on compare vehicles on the inventory page


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