Electric Cars, Are They Worth The Hype?

Should we buy into this trend

Electric Cars, Are They Worth The Hype?

Should we buy into this trend

An electric car, as defined by Wikipedia, is an automobile that is propelled by one or more electric motors, using electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries or another energy storage device. Electric motors give electric cars instant torque, creating strong and smooth acceleration. That and the fact that they are great for the environment is superb but, are electric cars worth the hype they get or is it all just a very well publicised car trend?

If the latest automotive news is anything to go by, then this article by Automotive News details how Mercedez-Benz is planning to start selling electric heavy trucks in five years. This means that sooner or later, electric vehicles will be much bigger than they are now. Thank you Tesla.

Advantages of electric cars?
  • No Gas Required this means that you will never lose sleep over rising fuel prices every again. Sure electricity is not free, but it is absolutely more affordable than gas.
  • You save [...]

Online Shopping for Cars

What is the Difference Between Sourcing for your Car online vs a Local Dealership?

You just got promoted and your new status needs to be reflected in the way you travel. Alternatively, you have been saving for forever or your business just broke even last month and you are now realising the profits of all your hard work. What better way to reward yourself (or a special someone) than to gift them with a car? Great, so it’s decided, you are getting a “new” car. Question is, will you buy it online or will you go to your local dealership?

Buying a car at a Local Dealership

Each choice comes with its own share of pros and cons, but should you decide to go the Local dealership route here is what to expect.

  1. First and foremost is the ability to physically look at, touch and feel the car. I don’t need to expound on this, it is pretty self-explanatory.You might have to visit only a few dealership locations to [...]

Advantages of a used car

Guide on the benefits of buying a used car

The first thing that comes to mind when most people hear used cars, is probably some old clunky, yellow, metal box of a car and a matching plaid-clad salesman trying their best to rip you off. And while some parts of that do exist, the reality is quite far from it. In fact, there are many used car lots are filled with certified vehicles that look like new. If you go the used car route, as opposed to buying new, you can actually reap a variety of benefits. If you are wondering what said benefits might be, keep reading.

Advantages of used cars. 1. Better Price

“The price gap between the average new and used car is right around $20,000,” according to Joe Wiesenfelder, Cars.com’s Executive Editor. Taking the 2009 Land Rover Range Rover Sport 3.0 TD V6 HSE as an example; a new one would cost you a clean £98,000 while an almost new [...]

A Diesel Vs A Petrol Engine

Diesel vs Petrol - Which Engine is better? - Exporter of New & Used Vehicles from the UK
A Diesel Vs A Petrol Engine

The type of fuel your car runs on, among other things, is among the first things to consider in the car-buying process. This is because these cars drive quite differently and some cars are often designed predominantly around either of the two engines.

According to Wikipedia, a petrol engines an internal combustion engine with spark-ignition, designed to run on gasoline and similar volatile fuels. This is in contrast to a diesel engine which Wikipedia refers to as a compression-ignition or CI engine. It is an internal combustion engine in which ignition of the fuel that has been injected into the combustion chamber is caused by the high temperature which a gas achieves when greatly compressed (adiabatic compression).


Differences between petrol and diesel engines

To help determine which one is most suitable, there are some key points to take into consideration. Some of the determining factors include:

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