Know Your Saloon Cars 

Top EX-UK Saloon Cars

Know Your Saloon Cars 

Top EX-UK Saloon Cars

There really aren’t too many saloon cars available on the UK’s new car market any more.This is partly due to the rise of the hatchback and five-door cars and also the continuing popularity of estate cars, the traditional four-door family saloon is a dying breed.Still, the saloon market still offers value for money for both the private car buyer and the company driver. So read on to find out which should feature on your shopping list.

Mercedes-Benz S-class 

Elegant and luxurious, Mercedes’ latest S-Class is as refined and as comfortable as they come and well worth looking at. Aside from the S-Class’s signature styling outside, you’ll also find a cabin trimmed with luxurious materials and packed with technology.

BMW 5-Series

BMW has worked so hard honing and refining its 5-Series saloon it has become [...]

7 Myths About Hybrid Cars You Could Be Misled By

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Myths About Hybrid Cars You Could Be Misled By 7 hybrid car myths you should not believe

Not so long ago, the idea of having a car powered by electricity was a fictional concept shared in movies set in the far future.  1997 came with the massive production of of hybrid electric car – Toyota Prius. Although at this time, this concept was still unknown to developing countries. This concept, despite its numerous advantages is still not fully embraced. And for this reason, quite a number of myths have been going round about hybrid cars.







1. Hybrids are underpowered

While hybrid cars first made their debut in saloon body types, other bigger hybrid cars have been launched over time. Among these cars are the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and the Lexus RX400h. Both of these vehicles [...]

Do It Yourself: Inspecting A Used Car 2

Do It Yourself: Inspecting A Used Car 2

On the previous blog, we showed you how to inspect the interior and exterior of the used vehicle you would like to buy so as to ensure that it is in good condition. Now let’s move on to the engine and under the vehicle. Here are some do it yourself inspection steps to ensure that all the parts under the hood and under the vehicle are of premium quality:


It’s best to make these checks with the engine cool. Look first at the general condition of the engine bay. Dirt and dust are normal, but be wary if you see oil splattered about or on the pavement under the engine compartment. Also watch for a battery covered with corrosion, or wires and hoses hang­ing loose.

Hoses and belts. Squeeze the vari­ous [...]

Safety is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a vehicle. One must have outmost assurance that their car can hold its own and keep all the occupants as safe as possible in the case of an accident. The following are the safest UK SUVs on the road according to the European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP).

Volvo CX90 – Has very good crash safety ratings. The original XC90 scored a maximum five-star rating in 2002 and, after 15 years, still has no recorded occupant fatalities in its three biggest markets – the UK, US and Sweden.Volvo’s commitment to safety is well known. It pioneered the seatbelt in 1959, and opened up the patent so that any manufacturer could use it. More recently, it pledged that nobody would die in one of its cars by the year 2020.Simplyput, there is no safer way for [...]

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