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Know Your Saloon Cars 

Top EX-UK Saloon Cars

There really aren’t too many saloon cars available on the UK’s new car market any more.This is partly due to the rise of the hatchback and five-door cars and also the continuing popularity of estate cars, the traditional four-door family saloon is a dying breed.Still, the saloon market still offers value for money for both the private car buyer and the company driver. So read on to find out which should feature on your shopping list.

Mercedes-Benz S-class 

Elegant and luxurious, Mercedes’ latest S-Class is as refined and as comfortable as they come and well worth looking at. Aside from the S-Class’s signature styling outside, you’ll also find a cabin trimmed with luxurious materials and packed with technology.

BMW 5-Series

BMW has worked so hard honing and refining its 5-Series saloon it has become the definitive sporty executive saloon. It has an involving handling, is turbine smooth, has economical engines and a really quality cabin.

BMW 3 Series.

The de facto compact executive saloon, and for a variety of reasons one of the most popular saloons on Britain’s roads. Has good performance and fuel economy.Even entry-level 3 Series models come well equipped, but it’s worth adding Adaptive M Sport suspension if you can, as it helps to turn the 3 Series into one of the best driver’s cars in this class.

Mazda 6

Saloons tend to be dull looking but the Mazda 6’s near coupe-like curves give it style and presence. It has Sharp, distinctive looks, is sharp to drive too and has good economy potential.

Jaguar XE Saloon

The XE is an impressive saloon. Most of its engines emit relatively low levels of CO2 and come with plenty of equipment inside. It also handles and steers like you imagine a sporty executive car will, with plenty of grip and a comfortable ride.

Skoda Superb

If you are looking for a big family car with Audi and Volkswagen quality then take a look at the Skoda Superb. It has Amazing space and equipment levels, is Economical and furthermore quite comfortable and quiet.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

While some cars inspire drivers to give them a thrashing the Mercedes E-Class is designed to deliver you safe and relaxed after your journey. All E-Class models are well-equipped, coming with a plush and practical interior which looks and feels premium. They have good fuel economy, excellent engineering integrity and are comfortable.

Volkswagen Passat

The Volkswagen Passat is a soft riding with a comfy, spacious interior and large boot.It comes with a posh cabin with plenty of kit. It’s classy and also interesting to drive, with a 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine that is exceptionally economical.


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