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6 Things You should Know Before Importing

What to consider when opting to import a car

Importing a car is not a simple task. The vehicle’s owner must make arrangements, have proper documentation, and clean the vehicle prior to importing it among other things. We have compiled a list of things that should be dealt with before you bring a foreign car into your native country.

Step 1. Finding a car

Obviously, you cannot import a car without finding one. Identify the Car that you want e.g. Brand name, Year of Manufacture etc. There are various car websites avaiIable for this. You can choose your vehicle from our extensive lists of over 400 vehicles. You can search for a vehicle by the maker, category or model name using our car search system.

How much will I save by using Vehicle Exports for my UK car import?

After all the costs are taken into account you can still expect to save 10-25% off the price of your imported car compared to buying the equivalent model [...]

A Diesel Vs A Petrol Engine

Diesel vs Petrol - Which Engine is better? - Exporter of New & Used Vehicles from the UK
A Diesel Vs A Petrol Engine

The type of fuel your car runs on, among other things, is among the first things to consider in the car-buying process. This is because these cars drive quite differently and some cars are often designed predominantly around either of the two engines.

According to Wikipedia, a petrol engines an internal combustion engine with spark-ignition, designed to run on gasoline and similar volatile fuels. This is in contrast to a diesel engine which Wikipedia refers to as a compression-ignition or CI engine. It is an internal combustion engine in which ignition of the fuel that has been injected into the combustion chamber is caused by the high temperature which a gas achieves when greatly compressed (adiabatic compression).


Differences between petrol and diesel engines

To help determine which one is most suitable, there are some key points to take into consideration. Some of the determining factors include:

HPI Check: How to Avoid Buying a Stolen Vehicle from the UK

Do you know how to check for stolen vehicles or even insurance write-offs?
HPI Check: How to Avoid Importing a Stolen Car from the UK - Insurance write off vehicle

Importing a car is always cheaper than buying one from a showroom, particularly used cars. As the demand for secondhand cars increases, some car importers look elsewhere to satisfy the demand while they gain a bigger profit margin. “Stolen BMWs, Range Rovers and bicycles found in containers bound for Kenya and Cyprus” screams a Daily Mail article. While this is last year’s (February 2015) news, the deed is ongoing and has been for a long time.

Now, anyone can fall prey to these unscrupulous deals if you are not careful. So how can you avoid importing a stolen car from the UK?

Pre-shipment Inspections

There are several inspections a car is supposed to undergo before it is shipped to its new owner’s destination. We listed the standard inspections a car destined for Kenya from the UK undergoes, in this article about the CIF cost of a vehicle. All these inspections should be verifiable; otherwise, the [...]

CIF Explained: 4 Charges Car Importers Ought To Know

The CIF price is the actual cost of importing a car, but what exactly does it entail?
A 2009 Discovery by Vehicle Exports
The cost of importing a car

The most common questions we are asked by our clients is “How much is the car?”, “What does that cost include?” or “what is the total cost of importing this car?”. When you are buying your vehicle from a car importer, you will notice the dealer will always quote the price as “CIF port of destination”. So today, we have decided to break down the CIF cost. This way you know exactly what is covered by these charges.

For normal importers, CIF is an abbreviation for Cost, Insurance, and Freight. In the automotive industry, this charge covers much more – the vehicle inspection charges. Simply put, CIF is the cost of importing a car. Although they are bunched together, these services differ from each other and they are provided by separate entities.


The cost, also known as Free On Board (FOB), is the actual cost of the [...]

Importing a Car from the UK to Kenya

Buyer Guide: The process of importing an ex-Uk vehicle to Kenya.

Have you ever wanted to import a car to Kenya from the UK but had no worldly understanding on where to begin? We have decided to help you out by providing you with the relevant information to ease your decision on importing a car from the UK.

There are conditions that have to be fulfilled first before a car can be imported into Kenya.

  • It has to be a right-hand drive,
  • The date of manufacture should be up to 7 years but not exceed 8 years
  • The car has to be shipped via Roll on Roll off (like a ferry)


2009 Nissan Pathfinder

Once all the conditions are satisfied, the following steps are taken to successfully import a car from the UK to Kenya.

Step 1. Visit and identify the car you want to buy.

Step 2. Identify the Car that you want e.g. Brand name, Year of Manufacture etc. It’s [...]

Does RORO actually affect the cost of shipping your vehicle?

What really IS the difference between shipping your vehicle via a RORO vessel as opposed to a container?
Vehicles waiting to be loaded into a RORO ship. Image courtesy of World Shipping Council

Second-hand car importers to Kenya will now use the RORO vessels to ship their vehicles. The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) introduced this policy in June 2016 to curb tax evasion, after playing a game of cat and mouse with vehicle importers for ages. Initially, car importers had a choice of either shipping their vehicles in containers or through RORO vessels. We even advised our clients to use shipping containers for their cars, in our guide for importing used cars to Kenya. Hold your horses right there, what is RORO, you must be wondering, and how does it affect my overall cost of importing a vehicle (used or otherwise)?

What is a RORO vessel?

The Kenya Ports Authority defines a RORO vessel, which stands for Roll on Roll Off, as “a vessel, which has certain cargo decks accessible only by means of a ramp that is lowered onto the quayside and over which cargo is driven [...]

Ex UK vs Ex Japanese cars

Ex UK vs Ex Japanese cars
1. History

The Ex UK cars come with main dealer history plus servicing history. Cars from Japanese exporters are normally sourced from car auction sites and the car’s history is not usually taken into consideration when purchasing is being made. In comparison, when purchasing UK cars, the cars’ history is one of the most important factors taken into consideration. A Cat D (a car that had been involved in a minor accident and repaired) will have this information passed to the new owner and will not, therefore, fetch the market price for a clean car that has never been involved in an accident.

2. Language

The system software is in English, unlike the Japanese versions. This is very important as nearly all modern cars come with OBC (On Board Computer). A problem such as low-pressure tyres will immediately be recognised and displayed on the multipurpose screen thus allowing the driver to act in time before [...]

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