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Diesel Particulate Filters

Why you need a DPF for your diesel vehicle

Preserving the environment is one of our most important challenges. So it would seem only logical that the environmental impact of a car should be one of your main priorities. Unfortunately, things are not always quite as easy as they seem. Motor vehicle emissions contribute to air pollution and are a major ingredient in the creation of smog in some large cities.

“All vehicles countrywide will undergo a mandatory inspection to determine their level of toxic emission. The vehicles will be inspected to find out whether they emit excessive toxic gases, determine their physical condition, licensing, passenger capacity and also drivers’ compliance with traffic rules.” Says an article by Standard Media

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In the world that we live in today with about 53,000 early deaths occur per year in the United States alone because of vehicle emissions. It’s high time we contribute towards changing the environment for the [...]

Online Shopping for Cars

What is the Difference Between Sourcing for your Car online vs a Local Dealership?

You just got promoted and your new status needs to be reflected in the way you travel. Alternatively, you have been saving for forever or your business just broke even last month and you are now realising the profits of all your hard work. What better way to reward yourself (or a special someone) than to gift them with a car? Great, so it’s decided, you are getting a “new” car. Question is, will you buy it online or will you go to your local dealership?

Buying a car at a Local Dealership

Each choice comes with its own share of pros and cons, but should you decide to go the Local dealership route here is what to expect.

  1. First and foremost is the ability to physically look at, touch and feel the car. I don’t need to expound on this, it is pretty self-explanatory.You might have to visit only a few dealership locations to [...]

Advantages of a used car

Guide on the benefits of buying a used car

The first thing that comes to mind when most people hear used cars, is probably some old clunky, yellow, metal box of a car and a matching plaid-clad salesman trying their best to rip you off. And while some parts of that do exist, the reality is quite far from it. In fact, there are many used car lots are filled with certified vehicles that look like new. If you go the used car route, as opposed to buying new, you can actually reap a variety of benefits. If you are wondering what said benefits might be, keep reading.

Advantages of used cars. 1. Better Price

“The price gap between the average new and used car is right around $20,000,” according to Joe Wiesenfelder,’s Executive Editor. Taking the 2009 Land Rover Range Rover Sport 3.0 TD V6 HSE as an example; a new one would cost you a clean £98,000 while an almost new [...]

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